Saturday, April 22, 2017


Since I graduated from high school and saw the ocean for the first time, the waves sing the sirens' call to me.  I love the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in all their splendor.  The North Sea dazzled me as much as all the other shores I have had the pleasure to behold.  I soaked in the salty moist air as my heart sang with the sirens.  I longed to jump on a boat and wander along the coast.  Alas, land held me fast as I enjoyed a few moments on the pier at Whitby. 

We meandered through the little town, population 13,213.  I snapped fun pictures, including a few at the Dracula experience.  Bram Stoker stayed in Whitby for six years where he was inspired for his novel, one of my favorites. 

With a screaming knee, I hobbled up the 199 steps to get to the top of the bluff overlooking the sea.  A small chapel welcomed us inside.  I lit a candle and prayed.  The arrangement of the church confused me.  I don't remember an alter in the main section,  Instead of pews like I am used to in American churches, boxes littered the sanctuary.  The atmosphere seemed disjointed.  I did enjoy the day chapel. 

I also delighted in my sister's discovery of C. Nixon.  A WWII plaque displayed his name for his valiant service to England during the war where he lost his life.  How he is a cousin, I have no idea, but definitely a really surprising find.

The graveyard sent chills up my spine.  The worn headstones loomed over the graves.  I envisioned walking through standing rocks at night and feeling the ghosts floating about crying.  I walked through them enjoying the beauty of the history.  Remembering back, I see the appeal for Bram.  Perfect ambiance for a grizzly story.

My companions grew tired of church ruins and paying to see them, something that I can't comprehend.  For me, I paid as a way to tithe and add my part to keep the buildings standing, keep the history alive.  I went onto the abbey grounds on my own.  I hurried along, knowing we had other places to be later in the day.  I marveled at the beautiful brown stones that constructed the ruins and the stunning view of the sea.  I longed for a bright blue sky, but going through the pictures again, the clouds capture the moodiness of the area.  Really, the entire section is stunning.

I will say that Whitby is too touristy for my taste for a seaside destination.  Yet, I loved all it had to offer for sites to see.  I would love to explore the eastern coast of Britain to find the perfect spot to stay for days on end.  Oh, dear, another reason to return to England.

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