Monday, May 16, 2011

My Children's Journey

                I just looked back at my last blog on April 21st.  The last couple of weeks have marched by fairly slowly.  They have actually felt like months.  A number of times, I have sat down writing a new blog, but each writing seemed dismal.  I have been struggling with a number of things.  When I do this, I get in a crafty mood as well as a bit depressed.  Instead of forcing the writing, which I probably should, I instead have been working on small projects around the house and yard.  I actually made a trellis for my clematis that is not falling apart and the plant is climbing quite nicely.  I am in the middle of painting a cross to go in my vegetable garden.  So, I have been busy and enjoying myself when I am not worried about the writing.
                A couple of weeks a big event did take place that I have been meaning to write about.  My youngest child made her first communion.  Family came from different parts of the state and an uncle drove about ten hours for the big day.  I so love these mentors of my children that travel for their big events.  We enjoyed time in prayer, conversation, and togetherness.  The best part of course happened at church.
                When my daughter learned that her older brother had Eucharistic ministry for her 1st Communion Mass, she asked if he could do the cup on her side of the church making first communion.  He organized it with the rest of the ministers.  It worked out perfect because one of the fathers was able to do the cup on the other side which his son was receiving on. 
                None of us were prepared for what was to follow.  Madelle went up to Father and received the body.  She confidently stepped in front of Clay.  He spoke, “the blood of Christ.”  “Amen.”  He handed her the cup.  While she took a sip from the cup, he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.  In our little section of the church, all eyes became misty.  My husband, an Iraqi vet, leaned over to me, “he should have warned us about that.”  I still get choked up remembering the scene.
                The best part of my journey to holiness is to watch my children’s journey. 
                Blessings to you all.