Wednesday, April 26, 2017

JK Rowling

In Edinburgh, I experienced my third amazing encounter in the area of literature.  My first happened to be in Atlanta with Margaret Mitchell and the second in Missouri with Laura Ingalls Wilder.  This time I traipsed some areas of JK Rowling.  And yes, I am a fan.

The morning of our last full day, I woke up excited.  The itinerary combined two of my favorite things, coffee and literature.  My companions stirred us to Starbucks.  Really?  I went along because we ran early and a body can never have too much coffee.  I did get a small cup because I wanted something better.  I thought the walk would take forever.  Finally, I saw the red exterior with gold lettering of The Elephant House.  My hands shook as I excitedly  walked across the road trying to avoid traffic and take a picture at the same time.  Opps, a little fuzzy.

Walking into the shop, I delighted in the décor of elephants everywhere.  I envisioned myself sitting in the shop and writing for hours.  The young lady led us to the back room.  Windows lined the back wall.  Sunlight streamed into the open space giving a writer plenty of light to work.  The view was breathtaking with the castle and kirkyard off in the distance.  What amazing inspiration.  I wandered the shop snapping a few pictures.  I haven't tasted a better cup of coffee.  Back home, I have been to my coffee shop.  I like the atmosphere, but it can't compete.

After breakfast, we continued down the road.  We found Greyfriars Bobby.  He was a little skye terrier who guarded his master's grave sight for fourteen years.  The little dog has a special place in the city's heart. 

We found the kirkyard!  Yes, I love graveyards.  I love the old ones the best, the beauty of the aging headstones, the peacefulness of sanctified ground, the history.  This cemetery held some fun finds.  JK Rowling wandered the grounds in search of names for her series.  I found McGonagall as soon as I entered. 

As I walked around, I wondered if I would find the name that must not be named.  Though not huge item on the to do list, I really wanted to see the grave, but I didn't have time to look all day.  We planned on seeing the castle.  A worker entered a section of the grounds, so I walked over to him.  A little embarrassed, I asked where to find Thomas Riddell.  With a smile, he pointed through an archway.  As I made a beeline to the section, my sister stopped me.  A van with the name Nixon was just a stone throw away from me.  I was so excited by the graves that I don't think I would have noticed.  I took two pictures and disappeared through the arch.

I marveled at the old stones. 

But I had to hurry.  Up and down the rows I walked.  Names jumped out at me, but not the name I longed to see.  I finally said a prayer.  Yes, probably a silly prayer, but God already knew it was on my heart.  I might as well speak it.  I had one more section to search.  If I didn't find it, I had to leave.  As I turned the corner, I saw the stone.  My search complete after a few photos and I was content. 

The experts say not to set a goal of becoming famous like others in your field.  Goals are to be something I can control.  I can't control that readers will like my books let alone them becoming a pulp classic.  The logical side of myself agrees.  So my goals are to write one or two novels a year to publish.  Once my first series is done I will begin marketing.  I can except that.  However, my ultimate goal is to be JK Rowling.  I don't have to reach that to be successful, but hey, I can dream!

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