Friday, April 28, 2017


My advice to all people traveling to Scotland is to spend quality and quantity time in this charming country.  After about eight days of running all over England, I missed my normal travel routine of staying four to five nights in one area.  I was in much need of some lazy mornings, afternoons meandering through gardens, time out to write for an hour or two, and some pub time to get to know local people.  The next time I go, I will also do a little bit of studying. 

Besides my JK Rowling's fix, the rest of my time was a hodgepodge of wanderings.  I enjoyed the architecture and signs.

On our full day, we toured the castle.  My favorite spot was the Scottish National Memorial.  My emotions overwhelmed me.  The tribute to all the soldiers and medics brought tears to my eyes.  The stain glass windows and bronze depictions took my breath away.  I thought and prayed about all those lost and those who serve today, including my husband, sons, and friends.  I was very impressed.  (Photos borrowed from the internet due to not being allowed to take pictures.)

I thought of my mom as we strolled through exhibits.  During Mary Queen of Scots' imprisonment by Queen Elizabeth I, Mary spent much of her time embroidering.  They displayed a replica of her work.  Very beautiful.  (Photos borrowed from the internet due to not being allowed to take pictures.)

I also enjoyed the little chapel where St. Margaret worshiped in the castle.  I loved her story that I listened to through the headset.  Of course, I have forgotten it at this point.  I will study her life sometime and return.

Edinburgh is a fascinating city.  I enjoyed the Royal Mile immensely.  One store front advertised excursions out into the countryside.  A sign pointed out literary tours to take.  I also pet an owl.  I believe this was the most beautiful of cities I have visited.  Oh, and I plan to go back and stay at the Witchery in the next fifteen or so years.

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