Monday, August 3, 2015

Informal Ramblings

For the last part of July, I was determined to get my writing back on track.  I chose to write a fun little story about the day to day life of two females becoming friends with a huge disadvantage of one being a dwarf and one being an orc.  I had a great time and want to continue with that but not as often.  I will try to make Wednesday as my story telling day.  Of course, warning, I tend to be very spontaneous and may get out of order.  Besides, friends, family, life, church, and puppy tend to want tons of my time and I like to be there for all of them.  But I will try for once a week.

What I really want is to be working on my second novel.  I have 80,000 words already finished and only have 30,000 words left.  My plan was to have it done by February…2015.  Now I will be happy to get it done by next February…2016.  Life keeps throwing me curve balls.  But I will try to write a blog post every Friday about my work on the novel.  It will just be short and to the point.

When I first started the blog about four years ago (with a yearlong break), my goal was to write about my journey to holiness.  I loved the process.  I still love the idea of the blog topics, but I want more.  Part of my journey in life encompasses my writing fiction work as well as anything theological.  So, I am going to go back to the roots of my blog and on Monday write a post about other things nonfiction.  One of the topics I have wanted to write about is mental illness.  It is a very scary topic, but also very near to my heart.

So, my followers, the new schedule of my blog will be as follows: Monday is nonfiction, the world according to Lisa during her journey; Wednesday is the further adventures of Argora and Vilenok; and Friday is updates on “Pursuing Knowledge.”  Please, feel free to hold me accountable to getting it done.  Also, I would love your comments on this post and all postsJ

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