Friday, August 7, 2015

Pursuing Knowledge

This week I avoided my novel as I suspected I would when I wrote about my new blog format.  Well, today is Friday and the format is telling me to report my progress.  SLOW.  I put in 34 minutes this afternoon looking through my spreadsheet of scenes.  I also took five scenes I played with in June and added them to my master file.  I now have 87,833 words in my novel.  I have an estimated 30,000 more words to write. 

I feel that I might as well have 1,000,000 words to write.  Many days, I wonder why I like writing.  I struggle with editing.  I struggle with getting it finished.  Listening to these words as I type, I realize I am whining.  I need to just get to work.  So, I think I have a plan for the next five days.  This weekend I am going to read the first 100 pages or so of the book.  I will look at the different viewpoints I want to write and start taking notes.  By Monday, hopefully, my muse and I will be popping with ideas and we can get to work.  We will see.

On another note, I had a couple of artist dates this week.  I started a new afghan project, I created two mosaics, and I scrapbooked about eight pages of the 50th anniversary album for my parents.  The rest of my idle time has been spent with the daughter and gardening.  I am almost to the point of looking forward to the snow flying so I can spend a good 30+ hours writing.  But, off I go to read or crochet or garden or hum, you get the idea.

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