Thursday, August 27, 2015


The window, open wide, lets in the fresh moist air.  Yes, I see the haze of smoke and I hear the sound of traffic interrupting my music, but the joy of being back in my writing room is overwhelming.  I look out my window to see the beginnings of my steampunk garden.  I can envision high bush cranberries next to the fence with flowers in front of them.  I already have a copper colored yard ornament in the grass clippings that is mulching the area to be planted next year.  A black tarp lies on the ground where I hope to put a small patio of rocks that will have the shape of a gear on the floor.  On top of the tarp rests a huge round ball (a composter in reality) that I am painting a metallic rust color.  I will embellish it with some fun cabinet knobs to make it a piece of yard art.  In reality, I also see my pathetic, nonexistent vegetable garden, dead strawberry bed, and a pile of yard debris.  My joy, though, fills me with hope.  I have made progress in the yard again this year.  I still have the fall to continue my work.  Next year, I will continue my vision.

Through the turmoil of Madelle being sick, I gave up my special room.  I allowed Madelle to spend her days in solitude.  I am sure many people would disagree with my decision.  They might think I gave up too much or she needed more time with others.  I felt she needed rest.  I used my husband's computer in our bedroom instead.  I didn't mind.  But, I also didn't realize how much my room suits me. 

I am so excited to be back within the plumb and grey walls.  I am surrounded by family pictures and literature.  I have my favorite novels and writing books in the case next to my desk.  On the walls, I have "Gone With the Wind", "Star Trek", James Dean, old 45's, "Doctor Who", and "Firefly."  I have two pictures waiting to be framed of Grandma Hedahl and Great Aunt Erma that I found in my mom's old pictures.  I think the old black and whites were taken in the 1940's or 50's.   I also have a ton of trinkets that my muse loves.  A candle flickers.  I still have to dust and vacuum.  I also have to get two televisions out of the corner.  One is waiting for my son to move into his new apartment.  The other will be sent to the Good Samaritan next month.  The puppy sleeps at my feet.  A folding table is clutter but will be used for a new scrapbook project.  Life is beautiful!!!

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