Thursday, January 5, 2017

Seed Catalogs

Catalogs Arrive

Hope of spring soon to follow

Dad missed tenfold

Dad and I called each other to talk about our plans for the spring planting season every year.  As I looked through  my catalogs, I knew he did the same back home.  We chatted about the changes we wanted to make in the vegetable garden.  He bragged about his adventures planned in the greenhouse.  I listened jealously wishing for my own house, yet knowing I didn't have time for that added work.  This year I will have to have one-sided discussions.  People will drive by my backyard wondering about the middle-aged woman talking to herself as she digs, pulls weeds, waters, and plants.  I don't care, let them wonder how I went crazyJ  I will be asking Dad to pray for my garden.

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