Monday, September 26, 2011

Free Will: Yes or No, Good or Bad

Mass Reflection               
                Yesterday at Mass, Father said something that hit home for me.  He talked about our freewill to say yes or no to God.  Even if we say yes or no, we also have the freewill to change yes to no or no to yes.  In the area of ministry, I have said both yes and no.  About eleven years ago, I said yes to the Pastoral Council.  When I became pregnant with Madelle, I asked to resign.  In essence, I changed my mind and said no.  For a number of years, I said no to working Cursillo.  Three years ago, I changed my mind with some prodding from both my husband and the Holy Spirit. 
                Father went further with the homily.  The first concept rang true in my understanding of faith.  Those people who make bad decision after bad decision don’t have to continue down that path.  They can change their heart and start making good decision.  Yep, I have always believed that.  Okay, I have struggled with this concept from time to time with the people who have made bad decision that affected me, but for the most part, I accept this thinking.  Than Father threw in the thought I hadn’t expected.  A person who makes good decisions can fall and begin to make bad decisions.  In other words, those of us who consider ourselves basically good may not stay that way.  We should not rest on our laurels.  Definitely something to think about.
                Blessing to you all.

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