Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Denial of the Holocaust

            Here is a comment I received last week on an old post I did about Noemi Ban.  The post was on February 9, 2011.  She is a Holocaust survivor that I went to see whom I believe is an very amazing woman.  This is what he had to say.

Of all the autopsies performed during and after the war, not one single autopsy reports a single person dying from poison gas. Not one gas chamber in any form has been proven to have existed or the apparatus to gas a single person ever been found. The chemical compound “Zyclon B” is an insecticide used by the Germans to kill lice because it is not harmful to humans. The International Committee of the Red Cross reports only 330,000 deaths of the 6 million enemy combatants/aliens taken captive by the Germans during the war (over 5 million being captured Soviet combat troops). The ICRC reported no special treatment of the Jews over others and reported no breach in the Geneva Convention by the German Military Government (outside Hitler’s order to execute every Red Commissar taken captive).
Noemi Ban is a fraud. For eleven years after the war she helped her fellow Hungarian Jews – Laszlo Rajk, Gero and Rasiko subjugate this surviving war populace of Hungary under total Jewish domination at the direction of Joseph Stalin. During Noemi’s stay in Hungary over 2 million Christians were murdered and up to a million women and children were brutally raped by Red Terror Units and their Commissars. Why doesn’t Noemi ever mention this to our high school children (whose attendance at these Holocaust Survivors “political education” seminars is mandatory)?
The “Holocaust” is a hoax dreamed up by Jews to justify their murder of tens of millions of Christians in Europe – and to subjugate the entire world to Jewish organized crime! The entire world is on to this vast “Ponzi-Scheme” that these people are famous for – we know that they have the same diabolical plans for the rest of White Christendom - and the whole world is sick of these hucksters! Let God’s justice come! Karl Gharst

Mr. Gharst,
            Thank you for commenting on my old post from February.  I have heard there are people out in the world that deny the atrocities done during World War II (WWII), specifically the Holocaust.  However, my mind could never quite wrap around this way of thinking.
            Though I am far from a scholar, I do consider myself a historian.  Seventeen years ago, I received a major in history.  I later choose the military as a career, so I am a hobby historian at present.  I will not debate the facts.  However, as a historian, I find it quite disappointing that you failed to document any of your statements with reputable sources.  My blog is sited in that I gave all credit to the speaker.  And what she says is up to interpretation.  Just as what you say with no sources, is up to interpretation. 
I am also not going to try to change your beliefs.  Nor would you be able to change mine.  Yet, I would like to make a couple of comments.
When Noemi came to our community to speak, the high school sent out a notice.  I, as a parent, had the choice of my son attending the lecture.  I have that freedom.  I deleted the letter, so I can’t sight the reference.  However, I could have called my son out of school.  Instead, I insisted he go and talk with me about it later which we did.  Also, at the lecture hall I attended, the talk was standing room only with people crowded at the doorways to hear this woman speak.  No one denied her story.  In fact, all of us gave her a standing ovation.  This was not mandatory for my son by the school, but it was mandatory by me.
Noemi did speak of her time in Hungary after WWII.  The picture she painted was not pretty about this part of her history.  In fact, it is from Hungary that she and her family fled to find a home in the United States.  As for her working for these people you list, I don’t know if she did for fact.  However, I know there were good German people who worked for Hitler and his officers that didn’t kill the Jews.  Either from fear or ignorance, they did not stand up for the inhumane treatment to not only the Jews, but also the gypsies, Catholics, and American soldiers.  (Where I am from, this is common knowledge and does not need citied.  I can find it in three or more sources.  However, if anyone would like me to site this, I can do it in a later post.)
I have never done an in depth study of Joseph Stalin or the events in Hungary after WWII.  I have stopped by the library to do a little study on this topic.  I would like to see if I can find history which will help me hear the voices of the two million Christians you claim were killed under his leadership.  Their voices are as important as the victims of the Holocaust.
In the last couple of days, Mr. Gharst, you have made me look deeper into myself.  You have given me thoughts for future posts.  For this, I thank you.  I believe you found my post by merely doing a Google search for Noemi Ban or the Holocaust.  You probably have no interest in my ideas about the journey to holiness, but I challenge you to read my current posts.  I have some ideas you may find interesting.
Blessings to you.

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