Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Burg Lichtenberg

Six months has passed since I spent time in Germany.  I miss my time there.  I long to go back.  When my thoughts take me back to my travels in Germany and England, I wonder about my emotional attachment.  With England, I know my ancestors come from the island.  I have a connection with the history and literature from all my studies in college and continuing on in my current life.  But why the love of Germany?  Why didn't Paris have the same effect? 

The last question is easy to answer.  I am not a city girl.  If I had spent a day touring in the French countryside, I am sure I would miss France.  The landscape was beautiful as we sped through it on the train.  I didn't get to be a part of it though, so the desire to go back doesn't compete with England and Germany.  I believe that is why I loved Germany so much.  I enjoyed the little village we stayed in.  I took walks.  We drove through the countryside.  It was stunning.

I have also wondered why I have taken so long to write about the last few days of our travels in Germany.  Sure, I kept busy since then working on the end of my fantasy series and gardening, but I have felt a reluctance that I haven't been able to ignore.  I believe it is because I am not planning another European trip for a good three to four years.  This breaks my heart.  I keep thinking I should go again in a year, but I am still raising a child.  I need to be patient and wait.  Inside, I am stomping my foot and throwing a fit.  I want to go back.  Whether I finagle another trip or not, I need to finish blogging about the trip. 

Our second to last touring day, we went to Burg Lichtenberg first thing in the morning.  Lichtenberg Castle is a spur type castle.  The ruin is the largest in Germany.  It was built in 1200 for the Count of Veldenz.  Yep, we stood in a structure that is 800 years old.  Pretty cool!!!  Of course, there is a lot of history.  Today they still use parts of the castle.  A restaurant and hostile welcome visitors.  A church still has services.  Due to it being Easter weekend, the restaurant was closed.

If they have tours, we were too early or the holiday had everyone at home.  We did have free entrance to wander the grounds and go up into the main tower.  Only one other person showed up to look around, so we basically had the castle to ourselves.  The morning was very enjoyable.

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