Friday, April 22, 2016

2016's Fourth Adventure: Grandma Duty

In the past, before Madelle struggled with mental illness, I didn't write any blogs about my children.  At least I don't remember writing any completely about them.  With permission from Madelle, I told parts of her story and the way it affected me.  Well, I do have two other children and my fourth adventure surrounded the oldest.  Last week, Michel and his wife asked me to spend three days with their treasures during their spring break.

On our first day, I found a park in town.  Being older children of various ages, I picked a park to hike, hoping they would all enjoy themselves.  Trees were climbed along with a bank of rocks.  Stones were thrown in the river.  A couple of birds were discovered.  I snapped a bunch of pictures.  Afterward we enjoyed a really nice lunch at Subway.

Our second day, rain impeded a nice walk.  The girls preferred to stay home and play on the trampoline.  I taught the oldest of the kids how to make lefse.  I delight that she loves lefse and was happy to pass down the tradition.  She rolled over one full batch of the potato rounds.  My grandma smiled down at her because she rolls the dough better than I do.

Switching up the last day, I took the kids to the elk foundation.  I loved the stuffed animals.  They delighted in running around looking at all the exhibits.  Once done, we hit the trail.  This time we didn't see any birds, but they enjoyed the water of a nice stream. 

     While I was gone, I missed home.  Three trips in a week and a half were a bit much.  My family was ready for me to come home.  The dog followed me all over the house for a good hour, whining if I disappeared behind a closed door.  I was impressed by the two walking trails in the Missoula area and I look forward to discovering more of them in the future.


  1. I like your blog and the photos you shared. Thank you, Lisa.

  2. I like your blog and the photos you shared. Thank you, Lisa.

  3. Well, thank you for the message. I am glad you enjoy them. Nothing brings me more joy:-) I hope you have a very good day.