Friday, April 8, 2016

2016's Second Adventure: West Yellowstone

Last year's spring break was bleak with Madelle going through all of her suicidal thoughts and depression, so this year I wanted to do something different for the two of us.  We took a girl's trip to West Yellowstone.  I would love to say it was the best trip ever, but alas, we are two females.  We had our ups and downs.

On our way there, we stopped in Ennis, Montana to give the dog a break and to eat lunch.  I have only been through Ennis once before and I didn't stop.  On this trip, we stopped at a little park by the river to walk Leo.  After this diversion, Madelle and I walked through a section of town.  We ate a burger and looked through a gift shop.  To our amazement, we caressed a mink vest.  What a luscious feel.  My hand popped back in surprise as I read the $3,000.00 price tag.  The town is decorated with artistic fish.  I wouldn't mind going back for another visit.
Madelle by one of the fish in Ennis, Montana

Back on the road again, I saw elk and bighorn sheep.  Madelle became frustrated with me when I didn't let her go really close to the sheep.  Oh, my.  The last miles to West Yellowstone we entered a winter wonderland.  Though I have lived in Montana all my life, I am still amazed at the snowpack in the higher elevations.  I did not expect feet of snow.  The capital didn't get that much snow the entire winter!  I also was surprised at a rock slide that happened just before we arrived in one section of road.  I had to maneuver around a nice sized rock that could have easily taken out my little Focus.  Yikes!
He is a beauty.

We only planned a night in the small little tourist town, luckily.  The off season reminded me of the "Shining."  The town felt deserted with most of the businesses closed for the next month or longer.  We settled into the motel room with snacks and watched television.  The daughter was not impressed.  Her adventurous spirit hasn't kicked in yet.

The next morning I took Leo for a walk in the frigid cold.  We kept it short.  As soon as the Grizzly exhibit opened, we went to see the bears and wolves.  I could watch the bears for hours.  I snapped a bunch of photos.  The wolves were a bit of a disappointment.  They slept.  After that, we jumped in the car and headed north, through a blizzard.  I have a great way of getting the best of weather.  In Bozeman, we ate lunch with the son.  We made it back home by about two in the afternoon.  The trip wasn't the most exciting, but I hope the memories will be fun down the road.  I hope to go back this summer when I can actually pull off the side of the road without worrying about getting my car stuck in a couple feet of snow!  I wonder if Madelle will come along or if once was enough for her.
Yes, a bit gruesome, but I like the reality of feeding time for the animals.

I would have liked to see him awake.

I love the grizzly bear.

Still snowy in West Yellowstone

Buffalo decorate the little town.

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