Saturday, January 23, 2016

Update: Writing, Daughter, and Faith

2016 has hit with a vengeance.  On the first of the month, I was filled with the hope of great plans being conquered in my writing life.  Instead, I have been super busy with social activities, writer's block, and the flu.  Now, that is not the way to start a promising New Year.  At this point, I wanted to have the edit done from my first reader.  Nope.  I also wanted to have read everything on the CreateSpace sight for the paper copy of my first book.  Nope.  I also thought I would be 15,000 words closer to being finished with book three.  Another nope.  My batting average sucks!

I hate to whine and be negative, so I will add what I have accomplished.  I have written 6,000 words on my novel.  I have created an account for CreateSpace.  I even started putting information into the program for my first book.  I am on chapter six of my editing project.  Also, I finally found a nice stable desk for my writing.  The other desk was about to topple over.  I even put it all together before the flu hit me this past week.  Of course, my writing room is now a disaster because I haven't had to the chance to clean it after the holidays and dumping out the old desk.  This weekend I will get it all organized and ready for Monday.  Finally, I want to work on short stories.  I have a great story in my head that I have written 500 words of so far.  All in all, I have made progress.

Madelle is plugging along with her healing.  I am always impatient.  I want things fixed now.  I want great progress.  I talked with her counselor without Madelle.  At her next session, the two of them pulled me into the end of her appointment.  We came up with some strategies.  And frankly, I am to be patient.  I hate being patient.  I am trying.

The other day I found myself in the middle of a conversation.  The topic was about God being both masculine and feminine.  The discussion turned to women in the church.  I was in a group of all men.  They talked about the need for women in the church.  This kind of irritated me.  We do a lot in the church.  We work all the ministries, minus priesthood of course.  I see all the amazing women working Cursillo.  I watch the patient loving mothers of our parish.  I follow the writing of my dear friend Maria.  Another friend just returned with her daughter after a two week mission in India helping the sick.  There are a lot of women working in their faith.  I believe these men have blinders on their eyes.  They look at the altar and only see the priest, a man.  They need to watch for the women serving communion, the women reading, and singing.  Women in my parish are moving mountains for the homeless.  I could continue to list hundreds of ways women are examples of our faith if one only opens their eyes.  We are out there.

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