Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Holy Moments

Last October, I wrote about starting the book Rediscovering Jesus by Matthew Kelly.  I finished reading it last week.  I highly recommend the book for any level of study.  The writing and theology is simple and to the point.  The questions are personally challenging.  I also recommend the book for a study group.  The concepts promoted great conversation.

I loved Matthew's concept of holy moments.  We can have holy moments every day.  The more we practice at seeing the moments and creating the moments, the more we will have throughout the day.  Of course, the goal is to live all of life in holiness.  I know I struggle with keeping a holy moment.  I also think I miss the mark on a complete understanding of holy moments.  But, I like working at the concept.

So, what is a holy moment?  My definition of a holy moment is being present in the world God created for us, being the person God calls me to be, and to acknowledge His presence in all things both good and bad.  There are so many examples.  My daughter just walked into my room and noticed I hung this picture she drew for art class.  She was so excited.  This is a holy moment.  Earlier this morning, I shared the walking path with a group of young National Guard recruits.  I received a lot of smiles.  I was honored to encourage one of the new privates from my home parish.  Holy moments.  After the walk, I stopped for coffee that I took home for my husband and me.  More holy moments.

On the main road from my house into town stand two large trees on the side of the road.  Throughout the year, hawks and bald eagles sit in the branches.  I always look for my feathered friends.  I love birds.  Well, on my way to go walking, I saw a big old bird from a distance and became excited, a hawk.  Nope, as I drove closer I realized it was a black bird.  "Dear Lord, you really need to get rid of those black birds.  I haven't seen a beauty for a long time."  Granted, I maybe shouldn't be prejudice against black birds, but they are not my favorites.  On my way back home, I looked up.  There, instead of the black bird, a bald eagle sat watching over me.  Coincidence, I think not.  "Thank you, Lord."  That was a MAJOR holy moment.

I challenge all of my readers to look for the holy moments.  If you don't buy into the whole religion thing, that is fine.  I challenge you to see the beauty in life.  With so much negativity in the world, we all need practice at seeing the splendor our world has to offer.  Oh, and I would love for you to share you holy/positive moments.

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