Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Blues

                Winter blues seem to be hitting a lot of people I know.  A few friends on facebook have been making comments as have two people on their blogs that I follow.  While volunteering at the local Catholic school in preparations for their auction, a friend and I compared notes on feeling bla.  For many people, multiple types of sickness have visited not only themselves but also their family members.  This winter seems especially long with the dramatic fluctuations in temperature.  The warm weather only makes me long for spring sooner, harder, and longer.   This year could have an added downside for me in that I am now at home all the time instead of going to a job that can distract me and help me interact with others.
                I keep thinking about what I can do while I am in this bla, blue, moody state of being with a healthy dose of spring fever thrown in for good measure.  Getting out with friends is always a way to lift my spirits.  But let’s see, I went to dinner last Monday with friends and have an outing planned with different friends in a week and a half.  I almost forgot.  Next weekend is the event of the season as I will be attending the auction with numerous friends and family.  Socially, I think I am doing pretty well (especially for me).
                Expanding my horizons is a sure bet to put a smile on my face.  Last week I attended a talk given by a Holocaust survivor.  I also went to week four of a six part series in the next town over.  I attended part five this week and will go to the final part next week.  I am also planning on attending a Lenten Retreat in a week.  And as always, I am going to piano lessons.  Short of going back to college, I am doing great in this category.
                Volunteering.  They say to volunteer is to give yourself an added boost of all sorts of good things.  Last Sunday and this Sunday I have worked Eucharistic Ministry; plus, I sold a bunch of raffle tickets.  I have been to the school to clean.  This week will be more cleaning, decorating, and table and chair delivery and set up.  In fact, I will probably be doing a good ten to fourteen hours of volunteer work.  This too can be checked off the getting out of the blues list.
                I have plenty of tasks to do around the house.  There is the much dreaded closet that needs to be cleaned.  The living room and bedroom could be painted.  With a family of five, cleaning is always needed to be done.  I have a scrapbook I should be working on for my oldest and I am working on another baby afghan to give to charity.  My kitchen cupboards need reorganized.  The list of books I have to read is longer; plus, I have all my writing tasks that I should be doing.  Boredom really isn’t a part of my mood.
                Not going out for a jaunt can be a problem.  I haven’t been out of the valley since just before Christmas.  I look outside at all the snow coming down and know that it isn’t a possibility to travel at the moment.  Besides, I have all the volunteer work to be doing this next week.  My plan is to skip town when my daughter is on spring break.  I am not sure which direction we are headed, but we must go somewhere.  Also, soon we will be on our way to LA and Mexico for some fun in the sun.  So, though I am stuck for the next couple of weeks, there is hope in the future.
                Where does this leave me?  Really, I believe I have covered all the bases.  If I have left any out, please let me know.  My life is full and good, but I am struggling.  I look at this list of beautiful activities in my life with friends and family and I start to feel guilty about my moodiness.  I should be jumping with joy.  Life isn’t always filled with joy even if it is beautiful.  It is a fact of life. 
Instead of running from the blues, we should embrace them.  This is a time to spend in quiet with God telling him what is on our hearts.  This morning as I grumbled getting ready to clean the school (I actually started grumbling last night) and driving there, I asked God to help the task at hand and my attitude.  The first hour of cleaning I was still grumpy, but it faded until I was smiling and chatting with friends.  When I came home, I was still in a bla mood and decided it was a good time to rest, watch a movie, and crochet.  I still am not feeling particularly joyful or full of energy, but I think I will go have a cup of tea and read up on the saints.  I will continue to trudge through the doldrums with God at my side.  I know in time I will be joyful again.
Blessing to you all.

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