Friday, January 14, 2011

Well Pleased

                This past Sunday, the Gospel reading was when John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  After this happened, the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven in the form of a white dove.  God said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 4:17.    I have heard and read this passage numerous times throughout my life.  What struck me is what Father said in the homily.
                Of course, my memory is never good enough to quote someone.  In fact, listening to what he said, I wished I had my small backpack to pull out my notebook.  I should take notes during church.  Anyway, Father asked if we believed God said this about us when we were baptized.  As a baby I was baptized in the Lutheran church which I never attended afterwards unless with my dear aunt on my father’s side.  As a teenager, I was baptized again.  So Father was asking me, do I believe once I was baptized did God say, “This is my beloved daughter, with whom I am well pleased.”?  Wow, this small section of the Bible is going to hold a lot more meaning to me!
                I do believe God was pleased with me at both my baptisms.  How could he not?  I was a wee babe at the first one.  Babies are a blessing from God, so He is always pleased with them.  At my second baptism, I do believe He again was well pleased.  I was a faith filled young adult following His teachings.  The question is now, is He still pleased with me?
                Is it egotistical of myself to believe He still is?  I don’t think I am all that egotistical and I do think He is pleased with me.  Why?  It definitely isn’t because of my negative thoughts, harsh judgments of others, or my failure to do right 24/7.  He is pleased with me because He is a loving father.  Also, He watches me try to be holy.  He has picked me up when I fall; he has stood back to let me fall.  Good fathers do that for their children.  I am sure he chuckles at some of the things I do.  He is sure to shake his head at this blog.  “Well, she doesn’t have it quite right, but she is trying.”
                So, is there anything he is well pleased with me this week?  I have tried to stay positive even when my health has been difficult.  He loved watching me interact with my beautiful children that He has lent to me.  He smiled when my son and I stopped to help a lady our of a snow bank.  He had his angels finish my nightly prayers after I drifted asleep.  He guides me in my studies.  I tell you, I am feeling pretty loved right now.
                How about you?  Is God well pleased with you?  I believe He is.
                Blessings to you all.


  1. I loved this post. I can't help but believe that He is well pleased because of your efforts at this blog. It is very if you need someone with skin to tell you....I am well pleased, and I believe our God is too!

  2. Thank you very much Ms. Sandy. I appreciate that. I believe He is well pleased with you as well. I hope you believe as well.