Thursday, January 27, 2011

Waiting and Patience

“Waiting and patience are necessary if we are to fulfill what we have begun to be, and to receive, through God’s unfailing help, what we hope for and believe.” Saint Cyprian
          About three weeks, I sent out a query letter to begin the process of becoming an author.  Each day, I checked my e-mail to see if Ms. Rennert would want my novel.  I waited and waited.  Amazingly, I also had some patience.  Mainly because I need to do some editing, so the longer she took to answer the query the more I could procrastinate.  Earlier this week, I received the rejection.  She doesn’t want my work.  I haven’t yet taken a step forward to become an author.  Now, I have two options.  I could quite.  Or I can be patient.  I can rely God’s help to author.  I plan to be patient.  Well, as patient as I am able with support from family, friends, and God.
          This quote can inspire us for any vocation we set out to work.  For me it is an author, for others it may be a chef, pianist, or engineer.  I believe it is also our walk with Christ.  For those who want to be Christians we need to wait and be patient to become who God wants us to become.  We are not going to become perfectly holy overnight.  It is a process.  Every day we need to chip away at our sins, work on our humility, love, charity in small ways.  Years from now we will look back and see that on this day we still were babes in our journey to holiness and now we are toddlers.  Always believe God will be at our side helping us around our obstacles and rejections if we are patient and waiting.
Blessings to you all.

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