Friday, March 31, 2017


         With each new place we visited, my love of England grew.  The place to humor me the most was Glastonbury.  I looked forward to going to the little hamlet of around 9,000 people, but I didn't realize the trouble the area would cause.  Driving the tiny roadways unnerved us Montana girls.  I swear their two lane highways are less then half the size as our, a slight bit bigger then a logging road.  My poor sister was beyond stressed.  I think she did marvelously, but Glastonbury caused a huge problem.
In England, cars can be parked on one side of a two lane road blocking half the lane, making the road a little smaller then a logging road.  Rules apply, but I don't know if we ever learned the true way to drive.  Hence, I am sure we had some Brits a little ticked off at us.  However, we did add some money to the economy.  Pulling into the town, a huge truck came at us.  Kim moved to the side, taking out a curb and puncturing the tire.  She pulled off to the side and called for a fix. 

An impressive hole.

As we waited for our knight in shining armor to arrive, we stopped in at the Beckett Inn.  We needed a place to stay for the night.  Since we had been traveling, we bypassed talking to the proprietor first because we needed to use the bathroom.  The entrance to said relief were outside in a little garden.  As we took turns, we hung out in the little garden.  The proprietress must have been nervous because she came out to chat with us.  Unfortunately, the establishment was only a tavern.  I felt bad.  We didn't order anything.  Instead we left for a place to eat and stay.  I am sure she wasn't happy with us using the toilet and running.  Opps.

Beautiful little garden.

Walking down the street, I peeked through the windows of the stores, all of which were closed for the evening.  Strange clothing shops, bongs, and other paraphernalia in every other shop caused me to think I had been transported to the 1960's.  This little town gave Missoula a fun for their reputation.

A sign enticed me, Excalibur.  I was ecstatic for a moment.  We had entered the land of King Arthur.  When we looked at the menu, I was a bit disappointed.  The restaurant served only the Vegan minded.  When in Rome…I ordered a bean, pesto, wild garlic pizza with rocket leafs (a different type of lettuce).  I was pleasantly surprised.  As I waited, I chatted with one of the workers and told her about the tire.
Entertaining café.

"Oh, that would be the curse."  Her face remained serious.  "Outsiders traveling to Glastonbury always have strange things happen to them unless they are grounded."

I bit.  "How do you get grounded?  We are spending the night and don't need anything else to happen."  I couldn't keep the shit eating grin off my face.

"You have to eat chocolate and potatoes."

"Oh, that is where I went wrong.  I should have ordered potatoes.  I had a little chocolate earlier, so I am only half grounded."

I still chuckle at the conversation.  Merlin must continue to live in the area.  Next time I come to this side of England, the night before I will have fish and chips for dinner with a chocolate dessert.  I intend to be well grounded.  On our way to Glastonbury, I snacked on a bag of potato chips.  When we found our hotel and relaxed for the evening, I ate a one of the chocolates my cousin sent us in London.  The rest of the trip went smashingly well.  I learned my lesson!

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