Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Quiet Week

My last two posts have been bleak, so I thought I should give a positive update about Madelle.  The funny thing with a positive update is there really isn't much to say. 

This week Madelle has done really well.  We haven't had any breakdowns.  She worked hard at going to school.  Wednesday she was determined to make it every day.  We were excited when she got on the bus on Wednesday.  The same behavior happened on Thursday.  In the evening, she was excited for her success, but I could tell she had a long day.  When I woke her up on Friday, she came out exhausted.  I let her stay home.  Within minutes, she fell asleep on the chaise lounge.  An hour later, Leo and I went for a walk.  She was still sleeping there when we came home.  Since Leo pounced on her, she returned to her bed and sleep until noon.  Today she has been a little grumpy, but then so have I. 

A quiet week is what we all needed.  We decorated the tree last night and watched "The Christmas Story."  In the days to come, the storms will inevitably come our way.  Now, we are enjoying the smooth sailing weather of the emotions that flow through our home.  Blessings to you.  And I would like to say a special thank you to all of you who are praying for us and for the beautiful comments and to reaching out to me in my dark moments.  I love you all.

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