Monday, July 20, 2015

July, Day 10


I ended up taking another weekend off.  I kind of want to kick myself for that, but I am only human.  I did write, just not my challenge.  On Saturday, I attended a funeral and helped a friend with her children.  On Sunday, I have no real excuse.  I was in a mood and just ran with it.  I am still on the verge of the same mood, grumpiness, but I am working at getting out of it.  I am thinking about playing with a little stain and wood.  Hum, maybe I will post the results at the end of the week.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Argora getting a little feisty.


Argora and Vilenok

Argora watched as Grogrim walked to the clerk to pay for the items he held.  She hadn’t thought of inviting Vilenok to the celebration.  Going outside of the normal customs wasn’t something she ever attempted.  However, participating taught a person more than just reading or being told about it.  The book about orcs hadn’t told her a lot about her new neighbor. 

Picking a nice piece of turquoise, she headed towards the clothing isles.  Her wardrobe bored her.  She might find something nice to wear to the celebration.  As she started to a corner, she heard her name.  Sneaking a peek, she saw two dwarf women browsing through the capes.

“Argora is not the traditional dwarf I thought she was,” the first dwarf woman said.

“Oh, what has she done?” asked the second dwarf.

“She had befriended an orc.”

Argora heard a sharp intake of breath before the conversation continued.

“You know I live across the way from Argora and can see all who come and go.  Well, the older orc woman that moved in goes to Argora’s house a couple times a week.  And what is worse, Argora goes to the orc house just as often.”

“You don’t say?”  The other dwarf lowered her voice.  “I saw her go into the orc mercantile the other day.  I wonder what transgression of live flesh she is participating in with her.”

Heat spread up through Argora’s face until she felt ready to explode.  Stomping her feet as she rounded the corner, she took a deep breath to steady her shaking hands that had balled up into fists.

“Well, good day ladies.”  Satisfaction seeped through her anger as she saw both of them jump in surprise and straighten their blouses in agitation.  “Why neighbor, I heard the most unsightly rumor.  Your daughter shaved her beard.  However do you expect her to marry well when she so blatantly turns from our traditional ways?”  Argora turned to the other dwarf.  “But then, maybe she expects to be like your daughter who is trying to court that elf from the new government.  Hum, I can’t think of his name.”

The three women glared at each other.  Finally Argora’s neighbor broke the silence.

“Shaving facial hair is not turning from our people.  And elves are not brutes like the orcs.”

“Justify your families breaks from the old ways anyway you like, the fact remains that breaking from tradition is breaking from tradition.  There are no degrees of wrongness.  In fact, we are all breaking from tradition just by being here.”  Argora took a second deep breath realizing they would never listen to her point of view.  “I apologize for spouting about your daughters.  They are both very nice dwarves.  I would not have said anything if I wouldn’t have heard you being so rude about my friendship with Vilenok.  The fact of the matter is that we are all trying to find our way in this new world.  I will respect your family decisions IF you respect mine.”

“I, for one, will never respect anything to do with orcs.”  As one, the two dwarves turned and walked away.

“Oh, stop throwing your pompous judgments in my beard when I try so hard to keep my judgments to myself,” Argora muttered to the empty space. 

Turning towards the salesclerk, she wanted to pull her beard out for engaging with them.  Their words weren’t meant for her.  They were just trying to make themselves feel better when they didn’t like the state of this new world any better than her.  Sadness filled her.  Oh, to be back in the simple days when people seemed to mind their own business.  This new world held to many agendas with no room for real conversations, understanding, or forgiveness.  After paying for her item, she rode the elevator back up to the ground level and walked home.

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