Monday, April 1, 2013

Death of the Easter Bunny

                Happy Easter!  My favorite holiday arrived with little fanfare this year.  All of last week, I suffered with my autoimmune diseases.  I hate to be dramatic about the situation, but my body ached, my energy drained, and my mood steadily declined.  I prayed and then I asked others to pray for me.  I am still sore and pain shoots through me periodically.  I am happy to say my energy is better which the main factor for my moods is the level.  If I have energy my brain is awake; life is good.  I get grumpy when I live in a constant state of fog.  Unfortunately, my daughter ended up growing up a little through this time.

                As Easter closed in, I only went shopping once.  I bought eggs and chocolate at the grocery store.  I failed to shop anywhere else.  I logically reasoned that we needed to cut back this year because of finances.  I failed to pick up any Easter Bunny gifts.  I failed to realize Madelle who loves holidays and tradition would be upset by the change.  Yesterday morning she complained about everything.  “There isn’t much in the basket.  I didn’t get a gift.  The eggs aren’t hid very well.  The chocolate bunny is hollow.”  I was thinking I had a very ungrateful daughter.  I complained with my husband and he pointed out that she thought she did something wrong. 

                After Mass, he took her for a walk.  I watched in sadness as they drifted down the road.  He told her the truth about the Easter Bunny.  He also let her know that because I had been sick and he had been crazy busy at work we didn’t put in the normal time to get the holiday ready.  We didn’t decorate or shop properly.  Tears stained her eyes as she came in the door.  Later in the day, the boy (her nickname for her older brother) drove her to the movie store.  With the Easter Bunny’s money (Dad’s), she bought the movie Rise of the Guardians.  Watching the movie, I know she mourned the rabbit’s existence.  I must confess; I did as well.  She wants to do something special next year.  Hum, I think I will put her in charge of that!

                At Mass, Father talked about the reality of death and suffering.  Both my daughter and I lived in that reality this season.  I suffered in pain and she suffered the death of a beloved make believe friend.  I also became misty eyed as I realized this was the last Easter with my son living in our home as a child.  As I watched parishioners go through the communion line, a friend passed by with tears streaming down her face.  Instantly my tears flowed as well.  She is battling cancer.  Her suffering is so real, deep and she may be facing the tomb.  Yet, as I look out my window at the sun streaming down, we are so very blessed.  Jesus came back for us.  No, the Easter Bunny won’t live, but we will live after we face the tomb.  And as we face death, Jesus will walk every step of the way with us.

                We will suffer.  We will die.  But that is only half the story. 

                Blessings to you all.

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