Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Southern Travel: Day 4 and 5

                The last two days of our travel, we didn’t do much in the line of touristy things.  We did find a wonderful local barbecue spot for lunch.  We drove by it a couple of times because it was truly that little hole in the wall.  My, of my, was it good.  We also went to the Front Porch.  All of us agreed that driving to Georgia in a big moving van would be a ton of fun if we could fill it up with all the antiques we saw in this huge warehouse.  I bought a tin sign of Gone With the Wind to round out my little collection.  Jerry bought a couple of comic books for a friend who collects them. 
                The main item of business was going to our son’s changing blue ceremony on day four and spending time with him and going to his graduation from infantry school on day five.  The changing blue ceremony went quickly, but held some difficulty.  They fired a cannon three times.  My poor husband almost lost his control.  Why they didn’t warn the veterans in the audience who are plagued with PTSD is beyond my understanding.  Fortunately, he composed himself enjoying the main part of the festivities.

Jerry putting on Michel's blue braid which stands
for the infantry.
Me and my amazing son.
                I was very impressed with the graduate on the fifth day.  They used smoke, the Army band, and infantry maneuvers and demonstrations.  This momma was very proud as her son marched by the stands.

Michel marching.

Me, Michel, and Jerry
                Our trip back into Atlanta went very well.  We dropped off Michel but didn’t have to be at the airport ourselves for about six more hours.  We drove into the city looking for a sign of entertainment when I saw one for the zoo.  We stopped by to visit some of the animals.

My favorite at this zoo, the orangutan

Who doesn't love an elephant.

                God blesses us so much.  Every day on our vacation, we saw signs of His goodness in the beauty of the land, the friendliness of the people, the delicious tastes of Southern cooking, the preservation of our history, and the joys of our son and his successes.  Thank you God!
                Blessings to you all.

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