Monday, September 17, 2012

Take Action

                About four years ago, I found a rock with the word synchronicity written on it at a local gift store.  I bought the small item as a gift for myself.  Julia Cameron used the word a lot in the book I was studying and I liked the concept of it.  Synchronicity is an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated.  The word applies today because the readings I am doing for my suffering project and my writing just collided into the concept of TAKE ACTION.
                Whether from physical or emotional pain, when people are in the midst of suffering, they begin to alleviate the situation if they can become distracted.  On Tuesday, I ached first thing upon waking up.  I did my stretches, drank some coffee, and slowly started prepping to paint trim on a few outside windows.  Periodically the pain would lash out at me, but before I knew it, my husband came home reminding me I had a meeting.  I was exhausted but took a shower to limber up my muscles.  The next thing I realized, I was getting ready for bed with a very successful day behind me.  I kept myself distracted.  My pain didn’t rule the day.  Philip Yancy’s book, Where Is God When It Hurts?, promotes distraction, work, and purpose to help us or others through suffering.  TAKE ACTION.
                Writers go through extended periods of suffering also known as the dreaded writer’s block or the new one I have come up with, the editing block.  I am hopefully soon to discover a publishing block when the editing is done, but that is for another day.  Julia Cameron in her book Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance tells the writer to take small steps.  During these times of “suffering”, the writer needs to distract themselves by taking little movements forward.  There are many ways of doing this.  But it is imperative they do something to distract themselves or the block will only become more pronounced.  They could even turn the block into the emotional suffering of depression if no action is taken.  Earlier this year, I discussed being in the middle of a dry spell with my faith and writing.  I distracted myself by reading/researching one small thing at a time also writing letters to my sons, and writing about my life instead of just about faith.  The next thing I knew, my faith began to feel strong and I am writing again.  TAKE ACTION.
                Julia Cameron places quotes in the margins of her book.  A couple of the quotes amply apply.  “Everyone needs to work.  Even a lion cannot sleep, expecting a deer to enter his mouth.” Hitopadesha page 62.  While we suffer, are blocked, or feeling dry, we need to work/distract ourselves.  This helps pick us up and reduces our pain or problem.  It may not change our circumstances but we become productive which leads to positive outcomes.  In other words, “the shortest answer is doing” English Proverb page 65.  TAKE ACTION.
                I am resting today because I am hurting from a weekend of painting.  Will I sit and wallow in the pain.  Heck no.  I will do some laundry, make the bed, watch an episode of Doctor Who, and rest.  Will the pain go away?  No.  Will it lessen?  Yes.  Will I feel productive at the end of the day?  Yes.  Best of all the pain won’t be running my life.  So go out today and take some action. 
                Blessings to you all.

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