Monday, August 20, 2012

Southern Travel: Day 1

                My journey to holiness always includes history and travel.  God instilled in me a love of things old and to go look at those old items.  I get transferred to a romanticized idea of what life must have been like for my ancestors and the great people who forged the world.  Reluctantly, I do delve into the bad as well and morn how the human race fails to learn from the past.  This year I have done a lot of travel around the state.  Virginia City, Butte, Fort Benton, Deer Lodge, and Kalispell, Montana have been fun places to hear new stories, but my real passion finds me in the South.  I thought I would share with you my journey with some fun or not so fun stories of both mine and the past.
                My husband and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia on August 13.  I was giddy with anticipation.  This turned to irritation when we couldn’t check our bags because we were late.  Jerry thought an hour would be fine; they say an hour is late.  Not letting him live this down especially after having to throw away shampoo, condition, lotion, and I don’t remember what else, I finally admitted it was nice not to have to wait for our luggage at baggage claim and we saved $50.00.  We will be earlier next time!!!
I would see the dreaded Peachtree Street again.  Years ago I traveled to Atlanta for a work conference.  Being a good steward of the government, I spent the night about ten miles from my conference site to stay within the government rate.  Being from a tiny town, I thought I left well before the morning rush, but found myself in seven lanes of massive traffic.  I came about two inches of hitting the car in front of me when we went from 70 miles per hour to 0 in five seconds flat.  Once I hit the exit I needed, I had finally quit shaking. 
Next, I spent an hour in the middle of downtown Atlanta trying to find my next hotel which was supposed to be on a Peachtree something.  I don’t remember how many times I drove into the bad side of town scared to death, praying like crazy.  To top it off, Atlanta has a million roads with Peachtree as their name: W Peachtree Pl NW, Peachtree St. NW, Peachtree Center Ave NE and these are just the ones I find on Google quickly!  I stopped twice for directions and called the hotel twice.  Finally on the second call, I realized the name of the hotel the receptionist said was different than the one I booked.  She sweetly told me they had just changed names.  I looked up from the parking lot I was in and there was the hotel with a different name.  I had driven by it a ton of times.  Needless to say, I didn’t drive the rest of my stay unless I had a co driver!  Thus, I had to take a couple of pictures of the name.
After checking into the hotel, we talked to one of the hotel staff who gave us a map of the twenty block area telling us the good places to go for food and entertainment.  We walked around and stopped for a drink at an Irish Pub.  Finally it was time to go to Pitty Pat’s Porch for some good Southern cooking.  Well, it wasn’t just good, it was to die for.  Oh my.  I had the best watermelon punch, fried green tomatoes, cheese grits, fried chicken, and pecan pie.  I also enjoyed the décor.  Photos and pictures of Gone With the Wind (my favorite movie and book of all time) hung everywhere.  The best dinner we couldn’t have found anywhere else.
We finished our first day with watching some preseason football at Hooters.  Yes, Hooters.  I have to say, they have the best setup for a sports bar.
 Blessings to you all.

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