Monday, June 25, 2012

A Resounding Gong

                Saturday my husband’s journey to holiness became a bit emotional.  A family member called in crisis due to a pending death of a family friend.  Now as I have stated in the past, many in my family believe in God, but they never attend church, actively pray, or study (the three big components of helping faith grow in my opinion).  When the call came, I answered.  Because the person was my family, I was a bit confused by the request to speak to my husband.  The voice on the other end was blunt, to the point, and held no room for chitchat. 
                I listened to my husband talking relieved he had been asked for.  Most of my life I have felt responsible for my families faith.  I have attempted to be the perfect person to show them the way of Christ (falling short of course).  I have opened up dialogue to point the way.  At times I have felt success for a fleeting moment only to be disappointed.  Other times, fights have ensued.  A few years ago I gave up.  I went to the local Catholic book store and bought a Saint Monica medal.  Through prayer, she led her son, Augustine, to the church.  He became a doctor of theology.  Now, unless I am directly asked or can’t help myself, I keep my mouth shut.  I just pray.
                As I listened to the one side of the conversation, praying for both sides of the telephone connection, I realized I am a resounding gong to my family.  I still lead by my imperfect example.  There are some who don’t like me.  They rarely ask questions or even bring up the subject.  I am okay with this.  In the past, I would have been upset not to be able to help during this crisis.  I will admit; I would have been jealous.  Now I am just happy to see the Holy Spirit at work.  Really, that is the key.  It isn’t you or I who have to bring Christ to our loved ones; it is the Holy Spirit who has to do it.
                The crisis isn’t over.  We are all praying.  The Holy Spirit will have to get to work and she will be spectacular even if I don’t see an outcome.  Let go and let God.  I have heard these words over and over.  They are definitely hard to do.  I am not responsible for my extended family’s faith.  They are.  As for my children’s faith, I still take responsibility for them until they no longer live under my roof.  Sorry kids, no getting out of Mass when you are confirmed!!!
                Blessings to you all.

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