Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part III: Long Hours

                The next part of Proverbs caused me to pause.  I really feel that I fail in this area.  I watch some people and they do this so much better than I could even dream.  Of course, when discussing the topic with fellow Ideal Wife strivers, they help me look at the topic through different eyes.  These lovely ladies are very charitable to me.
She rises while it is still night,
                And distributes food to her household.  Proverbs 31:15
                Each morning, my husband rises at five in the morning to get ready for work.  He also cooks his own breakfast.  I am not distributing food to him.  Instead, I am sleeping in for another hour.  He says he doesn’t mind.  He likes to cook while I really don’t.  But I can’t help think I would be a better wife if I did cook for him.  When I first retired, I was determined to cook beautiful dinners for him.  Within three months, he fired me.  Cooking has no appeal to me, so I do the quick route of Crockpot cooking.  He hates that type, so he said he would take over the cooking again.  I do distribute food to the kids….  They would have to say whether it is edible or not. 
She enjoys the success of her dealings;
                At night her lamp is undimmed.  Proverbs 31:18
The note in my Bible states, “Her lamp is undimmed: indicates abundance of productive work and its accompanying prosperity.”  Again, I go to bed before my husband most of the time.  I need a lot of rest.  A friend talked about how I am still up before the sun rises and I go to bed well after the sun goes down.  This is true enough this time of year, but not even close during the summer.  I have an aunt and cousin who I really think never sleep.  I admire their work ethic very much.  The reality for me is I need to rest so my medical conditions don’t start giving me more problems.  When it comes to work hours, I won’t be the Ideal Wife.  I have to settle for a good wife.
Blessings to you all.

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