Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mass Reflection

                This week has been very hectic with all the activities for our community to participate in for the men’s retreat and now panicking for all the jobs I need to accomplish for the women’s weekend.  Of course this is also when both my daughter and I have medical appointments to throw into an already packed schedule.  Luckily, God gives us humor to place a smile on our face as well conquer the tasks put before us.
                I must confess that I really don’t remember much of the homily that Father spoke to us at Mass.  I liked that he reminded us we must always be prepared for when Jesus comes to take us to heaven when our time on Earth is through.  I am still smiling at our congregation trying to adopt the new changes that are occurring throughout the Catholic community.  It is like trying to teach a person who has only worked on a typewriter to figure out how to use the computer.  This however is not the humor that has stayed with me since Mass.
                The reading for the weekend talked about the ten bridesmaids preparing for the wedding or lack of preparing depending on the bridesmaid.  Father always talks to the children before they go to Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  My daughter stood with all the others enjoying special time with him.  He talked about the excessive amount of bridesmaids and turned to Madelle.  “What do you think of ten bridesmaids?”  She didn’t even hesitate.  “I think it works.”  Hum, I hope she plans to pay for some of this on her own.  Of course, everyone in the congregation laughed heartily at this.  I am still chuckling about this.  Especially when I think of my husband trying to talk her out of ten bridesmaids in about fifteen or so years from now.  Go out and find humor in your day.  It will help you through the chaos of life.
                Blessing to you all.

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