Tuesday, April 5, 2011

God's Start

                I sit here looking at a blank sheet of computer paper.  Yesterday, I kept thinking I need an idea for an after vacation post.  Unfortunately, my brain hasn’t stopped being on vacation.  I feel like goo is coming out of my ears.  The potential topics I have for the day are vacation memories sprinkled in faith or discussing my lack of answers in my soul searching quest to see what to do with my beans and rice (see past blog).  The later seems a bit depressing, so I think it will be memories.
                Our vacation started out beautifully.  My middle child drove the two hours to the airport.  While crossing over the mountain pass, I prayed.  The night before an inch or two of snow fell making the road less then desirable.  My husband guided our young driver over the roads safely with God protecting us all.  Once in town, we took the opportunity to have breakfast with my wonderful brother-in-law and his beautiful wife.  The much needed family time chartered us to the airport in fine spirits.
                The airport threw a kink in our smooth travel plans.  All computers went down in Oregon and California, so our flight from Seattle to Los Angeles was canceled.  The agents in Missoula took wonderful care of us.  They set us up with a new flight first thing in the morning to Burbank and hotel accommodations in Seattle for the night.  We didn’t get to hang out in Downtown Disney, but we came up with great Seattle plans.
                Once in Seattle we were directed to a mile long line due to the canceled flights.  I will admit I am being a bit dramatic about the line, but not by much.  Agents were going up and down the line talking with people trying to make a bad situation better.  One came up to us to see what our situation happened to be.  Within a few short minutes, he had us out of the line and to an agent in another area to get our hotel.  She not only gave us our voucher but she also checked us in for our morning flight.  Hours in a very long line turned into about thirty minutes with another thirty to get bags and driven to the hotel.  What a wonderful blessing all these people were for us.
                We spent the evening relaxing and spending time with family.  My other brother-in-law brought his wonderful family to the hotel.  He also brought dinner.  The kids played games and the adults chatted.  We couldn’t have planned a better start to our vacation if we tried. 
                Blessing to you all.

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