Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Hodge Podge of Photos

Two months have flown by without any blog posts.  My June was filled with preparing for a 50th birthday party for my husband, saying good-bye to my grandparents, having new flooring installed, and prepping for our 4th of July party.  July has been laid back with a lot of just hanging out at the house.  I have also worked on editing book three.  My daughter and I did go on one adventure.  After taking a few pictures, I realize I haven't shared any of the pictures I have taken spontaneously.  Here they are.
One night in the backyard, I saw this balloon off in the distance.  I have always loved in the summer watching the balloons while driving on the Rims in Billings, Montana on my way to drill.  Attending a balloon festival is on my bucket list.

I loved how this picture captured the heart of my bleeding heart.

I love watching the mountains grow taller as I drive towards them on the Helmview road.

Here is another shot of the mountains and the road I drive at least twice a year.

Every year, the flowers on my chives delight me.  They are so beautiful.

I planted this current bush just last year.  I am excited for them to grow another four feet or more.  They should attract the birds for me to watch in the fall.

My delphinium.

I was delighted when I saw elk on the side of the highway to Libby and there was a turnoff for me to stop and take pictures.

More elk.

My iris was beautiful this year.

I so love my little Leo.

I love to imagine the hopes and dreams of a family when they build a home.  I image a rich history of love and the sound of small feet running along the floors.  I feel sadness at the abandon houses.  For some reason, they call out to me.  I wonder what their stories would say to me.

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