Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016's Fifth Adventure: Newly Discovered Places

Eighteen years ago, we moved our little family to Helena, Montana.  This gave me the opportunity to travel the Seeley Swan route to Libby, Montana to visit family.  I would say that this is my favorite section of Montana travel, but in reality, I haven't found a favorite.  I love every highway and road I take in Big Sky Country.  However, in my travels with kids, I don't make many, if any, detours.  On this trip, I spontaneously turned right as I traveled through the Condon section of the highway.

I found what I refer to as Pine Alley.  As I drove this section of the three miles, I thought of the famous Oak Alley in Louisiana.  Here is the Montana equivalent.

Continuing up the road, I finally saw Holland Lake.  I have passed the sign over thirty-five times and never visited the picnic area.  I enjoyed shooting some photos.

My destination for the day was Libby to visit my parents, uncle, and grandpa.  In the morning, I went on a little walk.  I thought this was a fun photo opportunity.

The main reason for my trip was to attend an Enlisted State Convention in Kalispell.  Determined to see a new sight in the area, I took the first morning to travel about four miles from town to Lone Pine State Park.  I hiked up and down the small mountainside enjoying the spring flowers and view.

How could I not love Montana?

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