Friday, August 2, 2013

Making Plans

                “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”  Proverbs 19:21

I love this proverb.  Why?  It tells me nothing new.  I have always known the plans of man can be detoured for God’s plans to unfold instead.  My entire life has been filled with me planning my future only to have God change what takes place.

                When I started college, I planned to study hard, have fun dating, and graduate in five years.  God chuckled at me.  He sent my future husband into my life in the first three days and drained my bank account.  I dropped out after the second quarter and married the next year.  I joined the military, had two babies, and graduated in eight years.  God’s plan!

                My life contains many more examples of my planning and God changing.  Should I stop planning?  Should I throw up my hands in defeat and tell God, “Oh, just take over?”  I say no to both questions.  God made us independent with free choice.  He planted hopes and dreams into our souls to nourish.  Planning gives flight to these dreams.  A path unfolds in front of us like a red carpet.  God does want us to give up in defeat.  He wants us striving forward by being invigorated by the planning process.  I also don’t think He wants to take over.  So what do I take from this verse?

                God desires a relationship with us.  When we make plans, discuss them with Him.  Tweak the timeline when problems or opportunities are standing in front of you.  Simply be open for God’s involvement.

                About ten years ago, I planned to retire from the military with 25 years of service with no debt and the house paid off.  My husband and I agreed to the plan.  We prayed.  At year 18, my health started to decline.  I barely made it to work at 19 years, spending off time in bed or dragging myself to kid activities.  Finally the plan had to be changed.  I had to quit working.  I retired at 20 years with the house being our only debt.  We didn’t fail.  We tweaked with God’s help.

                The best part, God has blessed us beyond all comprehension.  I am writing, gardening, and am happy.  The kids love me being home and spending time together.  Everyone loves the fresh produce, especially the strawberries.  Our plan is now to have the house paid off in the next eight years.  I plan to be making money on sales from my short stories and novels. 

                Will I succeed?  Maybe.  Will I fail?  Heavens no.  I will have God’s plan filling in the details.  With Him by my side, there is only success in my future.  So go out and plan.